The format of the US bank branch has evolved significantly over the last ten years. The cost of operating a bank branch has never been more critical as consumers migrate their banking needs more and more to the internet and mobile. Traditional manual tasks in bank branches are becoming more automated and self-service based. Staff are expected to spend more time on higher-value transactions with consumers, such as lending, investments, etc. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that functions like depositing and withdrawing funds at a teller line need to be fast, accurate, and less manual. Thanks to technology solutions like Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs), this process no longer needs to be manual and time-consuming. 

TCRs make the process of depositing and withdrawing cash at a bank teller simple and fast. The machines are typically integrated into banking core platforms or teller applications, so they seamlessly integrate into the teller workflow. In addition to automating the process, TCRs are secure as cash is typically stored in a secure safe environment. Consumers are happy too. They don’t need to wait for cash to be counted manually.

Teller Cash Recyclers

Assisted and Self-Service