Benchmark’s CashWare Now Certified for AST9000 TCR

CIMA’s AST9000 is now certified with Benchmark’s CashWare software. The AST9000 is the latest and most advanced cash recycler in the CIMA lineup of financial cash recyclers. The AST9000 will join the 7000 and 7016 cash recyclers certified for full functionality support with CashWare.

The AST9000 is a cassette-based, cash-in cash-out, teller cash recycler (TCR) from CIMA. Designed with high performance in mind for retail environments/bank branches where cash processing volumes are high. The AST9000 ensures security, reliability, and significantly faster cash processing times to deliver major operational efficiencies and productivity benefits.

AST9000 accepts, authenticates, stores and dispenses banknotes through a conveniently located high capacity input/output/reject slot. Recycling and storage are accomplished via a series of highly configurable cassettes.

“CashWare from Benchmark is a leading middleware platform that allows TCR’s to connect to banking core and teller applications.  It is important for manufacturers of TCR’s like CIMA to be able to integrate into these banking solutions and we are very excited to have been able to collaborate with the team at Benchmark to integrate into CashWare. This partnership now provides our mutual reseller partners to deliver best of breed hardware and software to automate the teller cash handling in banks and credit unions,” states Vik Devjee, Vice President, CIMA Cash Handling America, Inc.

About Benchmark

For over 30 years, Benchmark has assisted banks in migrating to new technologies and business models to offer the consumer best-in-class service and convenience. Benchmark has expertise in-branch cash handling solutions and is among the largest check scanner resellers in the United States. To learn more about Benchmark’s commitment to branch automation, please visit

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