CASH@KIOSK300 / DEPO Cash Recycler

CASH@KIOSK300 / DEPO is part of CIMA’s CASH@KIOSK range.  It is a self-service kiosk solution with an integrated note and coin recycling solution designed to be implemented in self-ordering and self-checkout environments.  It allows consumers to self-scan or self-select items to order / purchase and pay both notes and coins directly into the machine when paying by cash. The unit will count, store and dispense change back directly to the consumer.  Our CASH@KIOSK300 / DEPO is ideal for retail environments like Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) / Fast Food, convenience stores and bill payment environments. CASH@KIOSK300 / DEPO features both recycling and surplus coin/note management.


  • Automate the cash handling process at self-ordering or self-checkout
  • Remove staff from physically handling cash
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve staff productivity – more time with customers and value-added store activities
  • Clean solution for cash handling in places where hygiene is important
  • Increase security and reconciliation to optimize business processes
  • Easy integration in any store format / checkout

NOTE RECYCLER Technical Specifications

Deposit Speed:

Up to 2 notes / second

Withdrawal Speed:

Up to 3 notes / second

Deposit Technology:

Cassette + Canvas Bag

Total Deposit Capacity:

  • Up to 350 notes in Cassette (top compartment) – cassette not included
  • Up to 1,500 notes in Canvas Bag (safe area) – canvas bag not included
  • Up to 1,8500 total deposit capacity

Recycling Technology:

Roll Storage Modules (RSM)

Number of RSMs:

3 in top compartment

Notes per RSM:

Up to 100 notes*

Total Recycling Capacity:

Up to 300 notes*

Connection Type:

Ethernet or USB 1.0 Port

Safe and Security:

Steel Strong Box (8mm),

INLANE COIN RECYCLER Technical Specifications

Coin Inlet Capacity:

20 coins

Deposit Speed:

Up to 10 coins / second

Dispense Speed:

Up to 6 coins / second

Coin Outlet Capacity:

50 coins

Deposit / Recycling Technology:


Total Hoppers:


Recycling Capacity:

  • $0.01 – 1,500 coins
  • $0.05 – 450 coins
  • $0.10 – 900 coins
  • $0.25 – 550 coins
  • $1.00 – 235 coins

Total Recycling Capacity:

3,635 coins

Coin Overflow:

Coin Canvas Bag in safe area with capacity up to 10kg (22.05lbs)



  • 27” touchscreen
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • Bar code reader
  • PC embedded with Intel Atom E3940 quad-core, 1.8Ghz CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD HDD, MS Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 1809 LTSC


  • Customizable LED colors
  • Customizable coin outlet design (square or round)
  • Customizable device colors (black or grey)