CIMA Launches the AST9000

CIMA debuts its most advanced Teller Cash Recycler, the AST9000

CIMA Cash Handling America has launched the AST9000, the most advanced, high-capacity teller cash recycler (TCR) in its popular family of products for the Retail Banking market. In addition to increased capacity, the AST9000 is also the industry’s most highly configurable TCR. Increased capacity and flexible configuration options address the current and future cash handling demands of financial institutions. The AST9000 joins the CIMA lineup of TCRs, which includes the AST7000 and the AST7016.

“With the introduction of the AST9000, we can now offer a full range of solutions for any volume of cash handling,” says Vik Devjee, Vice President of CIMA Cash Handling America, Inc. “The AST9000 was primarily developed for the retail banking market. However, it is also a perfect fit for high-volume enterprises in retail or hospitality.  AST9000 is also used in combination with our coin recyclers for a complete, high-capacity back-office Diamante and Diamante Pro cash recycling solution,” explains Vik.

Form and Function

The AST9000 contains the most advanced recognition and authentication technologies that make banking transactions faster and more secure. The unit’s exterior design features a compact size and a modern look. The AST9000 is a TCR solution that complements any bank branch, whether it’s an open layout or behind-the-teller format.

“We’re always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best technology as well as machines that actually look good. The AST9000 delivers both,” says Vik. “Many banks plan to transform their branch layout to be more open and consumer-friendly. Our new generation of TCRs doesn’t have to be hidden behind counters or in back rooms.”

About the AST9000 TCR

The AST9000 is a cassette-based, cash-in cash-out, TCR. The system offers 20 possible configurations – more than any other product on the market today. Each customer can customize the configuration based on their specific cash handling needs. The AST9000 accepts, authenticates, stores, and dispenses banknotes through a high-capacity input/output/reject slot. Recycling and storage are carried out via five cassettes with a range of flexible options and features:

  • Single denomination recycling cassette
  • Dual denomination recycling cassette
  • Deposit / Overflow cassette
  • Self-auditing
  • Escrow
  • Rejects

Banknote detection is done by a validator that can detect authenticity and conduct banknote fitness sorting. Both scenarios comply with the regulations of all major global central banks. View our video below to view the AST9000 TCR in action.


“We are very excited that Compuflex worked with our engineering team in Italy to integrate the AST9000 into their BranchWare platform. Our distribution partners can take the AST9000 to market and immediately implement the unit in banking environments that utilize BranchWare,” says Vik.

BranchWare provides a quick and affordable way to connect cash recyclers to existing teller applications. It automatically extracts pertinent information from the withdrawal screen and inserts the information into the deposit screen using Compuflex’ state-of-the-art screen management engine.

Mark Farrelly, Chief Operating Officer of Compuflex, states, “We are pleased that the Compuflex and CIMA teams collaborated to ensure BranchWare, our flagship soft integration solution already used by hundreds of banks, credit unions and retailers, supports all features of the AST9000. The combined solution brings exceptional value to end-users looking to automate and optimize their cash processes quickly. Having worked with CIMA devices for more than a decade, we understand the quality of their product and their reputation in the cash automation industry. Compuflex is excited for the launch of BranchWare for the AST9000 and is looking forward to continuing to work closely with CIMA and their resellers.”

Return on Investment

Financial institutions want the best return on their branch investments. Bank customers are seeking a better in-person experience. The AST9000 answers these demands by enabling more transactions, offering cash-handling savings, and freeing tellers to focus on higher-value activities. Cash automation solutions like the AST9000 can deliver operational efficiencies and productivity benefits from the moment of installation.

Purchasing information

The AST9000 is immediately available for pre-order. CIMA partners understand that one size does not fit all. They will work closely with customers to recommend the appropriate configurations for their specific needs.  All CIMA partners are fully trained and certified to deploy and support all of our TCRs.

About CIMA

CIMA is a global manufacturer of cash handling solutions that help businesses significantly reduce the cost of managing cash. We supply a broad range of smart safes, back office/front of store recycling systems and software for Banking/Financial, Retail, Hospitality, and Gaming. At CIMA, we believe that ANY size business can reap the benefits of cash automation. Contact us today for a consultation or view our full line of products here.

About Compuflex

Compuflex Corporation, an independent, privately-owned, cash handling solution provider, has been successfully providing cash handling solutions for over 30 years. Compuflex delivers solutions that address cash management, automation delivery, and currency tracking for financial, retail, and gaming markets both nationally and internationally.