Reimagine The Retail Payment Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many aspects of brick and mortar retail businesses. Some immediate and noticeable changes have been in-store layout, sanitization protocols, customer distancing, and payment options. Even after the pandemic passes, and shoppers return to their favorite retail outlets, many of these changes may remain. Some savvy retailers are taking this opportunity to reimagine the retail experience – particularly when accepting and processing payments. Here are some changes we may see in the near future that will help you reimagine the retail payment experience:

Capturing cash sales

No business wants to turn away revenue. To survive the uncertain economic climate, retailers must try to accommodate all payment options, including physical cash.

During the pandemic, we saw an acceleration of touchless credit/debit card payments. However, cash payments are still primarily handled by hand. Cash-paying customers are sometimes directed to a different line for manual processing, which consumes time and labor and may ultimately result in unhappy customers and lost sales.

What if customers, employees, and retailers could enjoy the same touchless experience with cash transactions? Workers would not have to handle cash, thus reducing shrink, error, and saving time. Implementing customer-facing cash payment solutions allows buyers to complete their purchase smoothly. No more being turned away or shuttled to a different line!

Location, Location Location

The current, nearly universal shopping experience involves wandering around to find items and then returning to the store’s front to wait in long checkout lines. What if you need a bottle of shampoo from the toiletries department? Many buyers are discouraged when they arrive at the payment line to find that they must wait with the crowd to make their small purchase. Abandoned items and baskets are a common sight at the front of the store.
By placing payment kiosks at strategic locations throughout the store, retailers can capture more sales and impulse buys. Payment kiosks with cash recycling capability throughout the store allow for better social distancing and less stressful experience for both the customer and the employees.

Efficiency and Security

Retailers know that each form of payment comes with its associated risks and costs. There is the cost of handling, managing, and transporting actual notes and coins for traditional teller-managed cash payments. There is also the concern of employee error and shrink. A fully automated, customer-facing cash payment solution at POS can eliminate many of these concerns by securing the cash, authenticating the notes, reporting the exact intake amounts, and even recycling the money. Current technology even enables real-time sales figures from all payment terminals.

Hygiene Concerns

In a post-pandemic environment, hygiene will still be top-of-mind for most consumers. Retailers must reduce touchpoints and sanitize surfaces. Payment kiosks and INLANE cash handling solutions can reduce the physical interaction between store employees, payment mediums, and customers. The kiosk surfaces can also be sanitized to reduce the risk of virus transmission.



At CIMA, not only do we create innovative cash solutions, but we want to challenge the status quo of the retail payment process. We work with retailers to create a better customer and worker experience around cash transactions. CIMA’s INLANE and Kiosk Series is a line of consumer-facing note and coin recycling solutions designed for Point of Sale (POS). Customers pay notes and coins directly into the machines, which count, store, and dispense change. Whether you are looking for an entry-level unit or a full self-service kiosk, CIMA has the right machine for your needs:

INLANE 300 is an entry-level compact unit designed for smaller retail environments.

INLANE300 DEPO is designed for low to medium cash volumes. It features both recycling and surplus coin/note management.

INLANE600 DEPO is ideal for small to medium retail environments. The unit features both recycling and surplus coin/note management.

CASH@KIOSK300 / DEPO is a self-service kiosk for self-ordering and self-checkout environments. Consumers self-scan or self-select items to order/purchase and pay notes and coins directly into the machine. The unit features both recycling and surplus coin/note management.

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